Monday, November 19, 2012

Oxygen Therapy Machine

For the renewable characteristics of the skin, through the high-pressure separation system, a 98% pure oxygen so that oxygen molecules and biological role of pure sodium chloride molecule for skin remodeling the new environment, and mixed for 5 ~ 200um of water oxygen molecules, with special designed nozzle spray gun, so the speed of 200m per second injection to the skin, the epidermis or dermis layer, make the skin very rapidly and absorb nutrients, increase skin cell activity, for the skin to add moisture and stimulate collagen regeneration, re-arranged increase in the number instantly loose skin, wrinkles are taut.
Main Application
1. spay with oxygen
2, oxygen injection
3, oxygen mask
4, bio skin care
5, lymph cleanse for face and body
external dimensions80*48*44cm
package dimensions107*54*54cm
net weight43.0kg
gross weight50.0kg
pressure output0.04Mpa
oxygen flux1-5L/min
oxygen concentration≥90%

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